Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Makes Me Smile!

It has been ages since I blogged and I have had all this "mother guilt" bottled up inside about not recording these  memories of the girls from the last year and a half.  Blogging was something that I always enjoyed, but somehow sleep took priority.  When I returned to the working force, my blogging habit died. Tommy was still working up in Northern Virginia, I had a six month old that still woke up for a "snack" bottle of 8 ounces at four o'clock in the morning....and giving me just enough time not to be able to fall back to sleep before my 5:30 alarm, my tutoring kids started multiplying, foster dogs were coming in and now, no more excuses for me!

                                                                I wish I could freeze time.

I first got inspired to start our family blog by my dear friend Clare.  Clare is not only a super woman and friend, but a super mom.  She does it all....blogging, crafts, aerobics instructor, name it, she can do it.  Then my friend Ryan just started blogging and I thoroughly enjoy reading her perspective on children and the world around her.  I love Ryan so much because she is very liberal like myself in a very conservative town.  We can relate!

To try to get me back in the routine of blogging, I am going to try to do 30 days of things that make me smile.  I think in the world around us, we are always in a rush. Even though I have learned to take a slightly slower pace in life since moving to Richmond....I can feel that "Northern Virginianess" that still creeps up in me when I see people writing checks in line instead of using an ATM card or when people role down the window at a stop light to talk to someone they know instead of going RIGHT when the light turns green.  I know in my heart that these things are not a big deal at all, but for some reason they REALLY, REALLY urk me!  And it bothers me that things this minute bother you know what I mean??

So tomorrow I will start my 30 days of little things that make me smile.